Meet Richie! , our chief explorer. Not your normal globe-trotter, Richie has dived (sometimes literally) into the markets, harbours and kitchens of the world to bring home its tastiest treasures.
The Quest for the finest fish: Richie knew it’s the cold currents that contain the tastiest Hake. So he put on his bobble hat and headed for Alaska. Eureka! He’d also heard tale of the Arctic current that sweeps up the side of Namibia, so he made friends with the fishermen there too. You can taste his success today!
The story of Beef at its Best: it’s simple really. Europe’s is the tastiest, best bred, best cut beef around. So why look any further? Finding the right suppliers and charming them with his worldly knowledge of good food was all Richie needed to secure yet another tasty treasure for the Eureka Cove range.
Richie loves travelling, and loves home too. That’s why he’s been donating food to the UK food-donating charity Fare Share. 2 whole tonnes of it at last count! Richie’s always travelling - so wait and see what’s next!

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